What you should know about "SCHOOL OF LONDON"

Receptie School of London Constanta


"SCHOOL OF LONDON" proposes to combine tradition with innovation by applying a unique bilingual program. Our school aims to create a harmonious interlink between creativity and academia.
The purpose of the teachers at “School of London” will be to shape the behaviour and encourage self expression of the students as well as integrating a moral, scientific, academic and cultural awareness for the students to develop everyday.

School mission

  • Promotes ideas based on communication, being able to work within a team as well as being given the opportunity to lead and succeed in individual endeavours.
  • Supporting and developing successful personalities by instilling confidence in all the students.
  • Supports students in adopting roles and responsibilities.
  • Promotes diversity, helping students to understand and accept they are each unique, showing respect for each other.
  • Uses methods, techniques and assessment tools whose formative quality supports individualized teaching.
  • Encourages students to be inquisitive, to think critically, to see problems and their solutions from different standpoints.
  • Initiate and develop institutional partnership.
  • Gives the students the opportunity to succeed and enjoy curricular and extra-curricular activities.
  • For the students to be able to see their strengths and weaknesses and build upon them.
  • To help develop the students into well-rounded members of the community.

Institutional Development Program


"SCHOOL OF LONDON" Primary and AFTERSCHOOL offers students educational customized routes using a bilingual program, (Study program is bilingual, English / Romanian) the National Curriculum entire channel OXFORD, which is individually adapted to this school. It also includes an interdisciplinary approach in order to facilitate good communication in both English and Romanian language.

"SCHOOL OF LONDON" Primary and AFTERSCHOOL targets skill training and socio-emotional development, aimed at discovering the talent and capability of all students. Another objective is to promote academic performance in ensuring future success in any accredited national and international institution.

Teachers are carefully selected according to professional standards and are trained by national and international modern teaching methods. Teaching activities take place in a brand-new contemporary building – it is spacious and has an inviting atmosphere so that the students will look forward to coming into school everyday.


  • The School of London is the first of its kind within Constanta to be contingent with a bilingual regime (Romanian / English) - National Curriculum entire channel OXFORD.
  • The pedagogical approach taken starts with point profiling each child (level of intelligence, aptitude and personality traits) through testing / initial assessment conducted by a team of teachers and psychologists. Educational counselling is present throughout the program.
  • Our school makes intra-and inter-disciplinary connections with a view to approach the subjects as a system.
  • The Oxford programme offers new concepts of learning English that are based on thematic units with a rich cross-curricular content.
  • Using active-participatory methods of stimulating learning and personal development used as teaching tools that foster interchange of ideas, experiences and knowledge.
  • Primary School "SCHOOL OF LONDON" Primary & AFTER SCHOOL offers classes with small numbers of students, so the teacher can focus on the skills of each individual child.
  • Many optional activities are also available as the school has its own swimming pool and sports field.

Spaces and utilities

• Primary School "SCHOOL OF LONDON" & AFTER SCHOOL has new, well equipped educational spaces in guidance with European standards.

  • Modern classrooms
  • State of the art multimedia classrooms and science laboratories
  • Sports field used to conduct physical education classes and optional activities (tennis, football, basketball)
  • New private swimming pool
  • Kitchen dining room and bathroom with menus bio approved by nutritionists and paediatricians
  • A permanent in-school healthcare nurse and paediatrician
  • Permanent pupil guidance and counselling with a psychologist
  • Transport options
  • Surveillance and security